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21-05-2024 13:07

Address by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, at the ceremony for receiving the credentials of the new Ambassador of the Order of Malta, Mr Domenico Giani

Your Excellency,

It is with sincere pleasure that I receive your Letters of Credence and appoint you as the new Ambassador of the Sovereign Military Hospitalier of the Order of St. John of Jerusalem, of Rhodes and of Malta to Cyprus. Please accept my heartfelt congratulations and wishes for your success in the performance of your new duties, considering that my Government will offer you any assistance necessary.

We live in a time of unprecedented global challenges. The Covid-19 pandemic was followed by a serious and unjust war, following the Russian invasion of Ukraine while too many innocent lives are at risk because of the dire humanitarian situation in Gaza. International cooperation and multilateralism are the only path forward to address such global crises, including the existential threat of climate change. The Order of St. Johnhas been a frontrunner in promoting international cooperation, based on the principles of full respect for international law, fundamental freedoms and human rights.

The Order’s efforts are undoubtedly praiseworthy and they should serve as a guiding principle for the rest of the world. Helping the innocent and those in suffering should be at the top of our priorities. I am confident that the Amalthea plan, the Cypriot initiative for providing a maritime lifeline to Gaza, constitutes a great example of providing relief to innocent lives. In this context, I strongly believe that we are both guided by common values and beliefs based on shared responsibility, solidarity and collective action.

Your Excellency,

This year marks a somber anniversary for the Republic of Cyprus. 2024 marks the completion of fifty years since the illegal 1974 Turkish invasion of Cyprus and the ongoing military occupation of almost 37% of the territory of the Republic of Cyprus.

As I stressed since the very first day I assumed office, working towards lasting peace in Cyprus is my absolute priority. I have repeatedly stated that the only effective way to address both the continuing illegal occupation and the massive violations of human rights generated by the absence of a peace path is to pave one.

In this context, I will exert every effort towards this goal as my vision is to see Cyprus reunited, making our island a place of peace, stability and security. A state that allows all its legitimate citizens to live in conditions of shared respect, that strives for the preservation of human rights, including the freedom of movement, the freedom of settlement and the right to property; a state where fundamental freedoms and intercultural dialogue prevail.

Your Excellency,

I assure you, once again, that my Government will provide you with every assistance necessary so that your tenure will be highly constructive and fruitful. Please convey to H.M.E.H. Fra’ John T. Dunlap my heartfelt greetings and my most sincere wishes for a lasting friendship between Cyprus and the Order.

Ambassador Giani, I warmly welcome you to Cyprus.