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21-05-2024 15:37

International Conference on the “Climate Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and Middle East”

The Cyprus Academy of Sciences, Letters, and Arts and The Cyprus Institute are co-organising the International Conference “Climate Crisis in the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East” from 26-28 September 2024. The Conference is held under the auspices of the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Dr Nikos Christodoulides, who is scheduled to deliver an opening address at the inaugural session. The Conference will be preceded by workshops on 23-25 September, focusing on specialised topics related to the climate crisis.

The region of the Eastern Mediterranean and the Middle East, with a population exceeding 450 million, is severely affected by the accelerating climate change. According to the latest data and model predictions, the region is experiencing increasing intensity and duration of climate impacts, such as extreme weather events (e.g. heatwaves and floods), rising average temperatures, decreased rainfall, and rising sea levels. This leads to cascading global consequences, such as economic hardship and mass migration, which require urgent and imperative responses. The situation is further complicated by severe political and economic conflicts in the region which comprises of countries with diverse socio-economic and cultural backgrounds, thus making the planning and implementation of necessary adaptation measures particularly challenging.

At the Conference, latest data and model predictions regarding climate change and its impacts, especially in the sectors of energy, water, food and agriculture, oceans, health, and cultural heritage, will be presented and discussed. Mitigation strategies will be discussed, regional adaptation strategies will be presented, and economic, legal, and artistic expressions of concern as well as ethical aspects of the climate crisis issue will be analysed.

The Conference is receiving international attention as it addresses a critical problem for the future of humanity that is at the forefront of global interests. Leading figures from the academic and policy-making, who influence the decision-making process, will be participating.