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22-05-2024 11:07

Completion of the second phase of the Project “Moving Forward to a New Digital Era through Standardisation” under the Erasmus+ DigiSTAN program

The Cyprus Organization for Standardization (CYS) completed the execution of the second phase of the project “Moving Forward to a New Digital Era through Standardisation”, which included the organisation and execution of the three national workshops focusing on the key objectives of the project, to:

  • Learn about the initiative of the German Standards Organization (DKE) in the electrotechnical sector to attract the younger generation to the standardisation activities and to develop a plan to bridge the gap between young professionals and the world of standardisation, fostering closer ties and greater involvement of the younger generation in standardisation activities.
  • Learn and be educated about the learning activities and mentoring activities in the new digital era of DKE and improve CYS's learning framework by integrating digital solutions in its activities as well as assess the need for the development and implementation of the e-mentoring program in Cyprus.
  • Learn about digital standards and the digitisation journey of DKE, identify the needs to adopt digital solutions within standardisation activities and identify the challenges and the interest of the stakeholders to implement digital standards.

CYS National Workshop “CYS Next Generation”

On Monday, 4th March 2024, the national workshop focusing on the New Generation of Standardisation was hosted by the CYS. This workshop originated from the European project Erasmus+ DigiSTAN – “Moving Forward to a New Digital Era through Standardisation” in collaboration with the DKE.

The first part of the workshop was focused on the basics of standardisation activities, the role of the CYS, the national landscape of the standardisation framework as well as the basic stages for developing a standard.

Participants in the workshop also gained valuable insights into professional development opportunities. They learnt about the importance of standardisation for career growth and collaboration across industries, particularly in the ICT and electrotechnical sectors. Attendees also explored networking opportunities at both European and international levels, which could benefit their careers.

The workshop featured a presentation by Mr Batuhan Mehmet Ayaz, DKE Young Professional Ambassador, who shared DKE’s approach to involving young professionals in standardisation activities. Attendees learnt about the benefits of youth engagement and were introduced to the DKE Standardisation Quest, a tool for better understanding standards.

Overall, the workshop provided a dynamic platform for knowledge exchange and skill development. It empowered participants to actively contribute to standardisation efforts and to the shaping of the future for the next generation of professionals. Furthermore, the participants were given the opportunity to be involved in the first network for young professionals in Cyprus concerning standardisation activities.

National workshop in E-mentoring and E-learning National Workshop

On 7th and 8th March 2024, CYS hosted, in Lefkosia, the second workshop in its series, focusing on the crucial topics of e-mentoring and e-learning. This event was more than a learning opportunity; it was a collaborative platform where experts and participants came together to critically identify gaps in CYS's current learning and mentoring activities. This assembly marked a significant step forward in developing strategies tailored for the digital era of standardisation in the fields of learning and mentoring.

The workshop included enlightening sessions led by DKE experts, Ms Ute Schmidt, who is responsible for overseeing DKE's learning strategies, and Mr Christian Marian, a Project Manager specialising in Electrical, Electronic and Information Technologies at DKE. These sessions offered invaluable expertise and guidance, creating the environment for the discussions needed. Participants actively engaged, pinpointing critical areas needing improvement and proposing innovative approaches for e-learning and e-mentoring within CYS.

A key accomplishment of the workshop was the establishment of a collaborative atmosphere that encouraged all attendees to share their ideas and insights. This environment not only deepened CYS's understanding of the existing challenges but also helped shape the future of standardisation in the realms of learning and mentoring in the digital age.

The ideas and strategies developed over these two days are set to drive significant advancements in how standardisation education and mentoring are approached and implemented. Looking ahead, CYS is dedicated to integrating the feedback and suggestions received into its operational frameworks to better navigate the evolving landscape of digital standardisation. CYS is enthusiastic about leading future learning and mentoring initiatives and is eager to continue this journey with its stakeholders.

National Workshop on Digital Standards

CYS organised the last workshop as a series of meetings, dedicated to the digitisation of standardisation processes as well as the introduction of the digital and smart standards to the Cypriot stakeholders. This was specifically designed for stakeholders involved in or interested in the future of digital standards within Cyprus, as well as the digitalisation of processes within CYS that affect the activities and the involvement of experts. The last workshop took place on 27th and 28th March 2024 in Lefkosia.

The two-day workshop served as a dynamic platform for robust discussions on the digital transformation of standardisation processes within CYS as well as highlighting the development, implementation and benefits of digital and smart standards. CYS was honoured to have two experts from the DKE; Mr Konstantin Petrides, the leader of the digitalisation processes with the German organisations, as well as Mr Raymond Puppan, the force behind DKE for the development and implementation of digital – smart standards. They both shared their invaluable experiences and insights from their activities in Germany that included detailed presentation on the progress and future plans in the field of digital standardisation and digital standards.

The collaborative atmosphere facilitated a comprehensive exchange of ideas and fostered stronger ties between CYS and DKE experts, enriching the experience for all attendees. Participants contributed significantly by identifying and addressing gaps in current digital standardisation processes, collaborating on actionable plans for enhancing digital engagement in Cyprus and gaining insights into the latest trends and practices.

The workshop featured interactive sessions where stakeholders from CYS had the opportunity to discuss the challenges and gaps they encounter in participating in standardisation activities, particularly concerning the digital tools required and identified learning needs. Emphasis was placed on digitising processes to ensure all content related to involvement and educational activities is accessible.

The insights gained and relationships established during this workshop are set to significantly influence the digital standardisation landscape in Cyprus. CYS is prepared to take necessary actions for the future and is eager to see how the foundation established in this workshop will drive the digital transformation in standardisation efforts.