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23-05-2024 10:06

Meeting of Representatives of The High Commission of India in Cyprus and the Cyprus Organisation for Standardization

On Wednesday, 22nd of May, 2024 delegation from The High Commission of India and the Cyprus Organisation for Standardization (CYS) met to discuss areas of common interest for potential collaboration. Specifically, the Director of Standardization of CYS, Mr Pambos Kammas accompanied by Standards Officer for the Services Sector, Ms Natali Giorgalla, and the First Secretary of the High Commission of India, Mr Subhash Jangala, convened with the intention to identify specific areas of collaboration.

Both parties deem this collaboration a significant step forward, as it aims to support the Indian community in Cyprus by using the services and solutions offered by CYS. The alliance has the potential to provide multiple benefits to the Indian community on the island, including identifying networking opportunities among key players in the standardization arena, participating in business events, webinars and trainings as well as obtaining access to the plethora of international, European and National standards provided by CYS.