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22-05-2019 07:58

The Foreign Minister hosts Iftar Dinner in honour of the Ambassadors of the Muslim world on the occasion of Ramadan

The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, hosted an Iftar Dinner yesterday evening, May 21st 2019, in honour of the Ambassadors hailing from countries of the Muslim world based in Lefkosia, on the occasion of Ramadan.

Addressing Ambassadors attending the dinner, Mr Christodoulides stated inter alia that this was “an occasion where individually and collectively we are called on to renew our dedication to shared values, irrespectively of whether we are of the Muslim faith or other religious denominations: those universal values of respect, unity, tolerance and acceptance, as well as our obligation to one another to strive for peace, justice and dignity."

Pointing out that the annual dinner on the occasion of Ramadan has been established as a tradition by the Foreign Ministry, Mr Christodoulides said that this signified the respect and recognition by the authorities of the Republic of Cyprus of the importance of the message of Ramadan for Muslims around the world.

"I would like to take this opportunity to reiterate my determination, following the lead given by President Anastasiades, to further elevate and strengthen the bonds of friendship between Cyprus and its people and your respective countries and peoples," the Foreign Minister said in closing, wishing health, happiness and spiritual tranquility to the Ambassadors and their families on the occasion of the Ramadan.