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421. Museums, archaeological sites and ancient monuments closed until the 20th of March 2020

12-03-2020 16:35

The Department of Antiquities of the Ministry of Transport, Communications and Works announces that museums, archaeological sites and ancient monuments will remain closed until the 20th of March 2020,...

422. Min. Finance - Meeting on the consequences of coronavirus

12-03-2020 12:30

The Minister of Finance, Mr Constantinos Petrides, will preside over a meeting with the financial cabinets of the parliamentary parties with regard to the consequences of coronavirus and the taking of...

423. PoR - Interministerial committee

12-03-2020 08:45

The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Anastasiades, will preside over a meeting of the interministerial committee on coronavirus, at the Presidential Palace....

424. Photo Album - President of the Republic

10-03-2020 21:03

The President of the Republic participates in a teleconference among the leaders of the EU member states on coronavirus....

425. Decisions taken by the Ministerial Council with regard to coronavirus

10-03-2020 20:18

The Ministerial Council during its meeting today decided that the following measures be taken against the outbreak of coronavirus: -Extension of the period of closure of the four checkpoints (Ledra St...

426. Travel advice regarding the COVID- 19 outbreak (10/03/2020)

10-03-2020 19:52

Travel Advice: Avoid non-essential travel Due to the increasing spread of the coronavirus in various countries, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, following its previous travel advice and relevant guide...

427. Statements by the Minister of Interior on immigration

10-03-2020 19:50

The government has adopted an action plan to holistically tackle the growing migration flows, Interior Minister, Nikos Nouris, said today. Speaking to reporters at the Presidential Palace following t...

428. The public is requested to call 1420 to report symptoms only

10-03-2020 16:09

The Ministry of Health and the Ambulance Services address appeal to the public to use sparingly the phone number 1420, which is at their disposal to report symptoms only and not for information. Overl...

429. Updated travel advice regarding the Coronavirus

10-03-2020 15:42

The Ministry of Health would like to announce updated travel guidelines regarding persons having travelled within the past 14 days, based on the categorized countries of origin as follows: Category I:...

430. Announcement with regard to postal items from and to Italy

10-03-2020 12:21

The Cyprus Post would like to inform you that due to the coronavirus outbreak in Italy the airlines have started to suspend their flights to and from Italy. As a result, it is expected that there will...