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30-03-2020 16:30

Minister of Health to issue new decree under the Quarantine Law Act

A new decree under the Quarantine Law Act will be issued today by Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou.

In a statement to the press regarding the new measures to be issued, in order to tackle coronavirus, Mr. Ioannou noted the following:

«In accordance with the powers vested in me by the Quarantine Law Act, on the basis of the Decision of the Council of Ministers dated 10 March 2020, a decree will be issued today, which defines the following:

The right of entry into the Republic without the presentation of a medical examination certificate for coronavirus applies to:

  1. Those who have travelled abroad for medical reasons, as well as the persons who accompanied them at their departure or hospitalization.
  2. Students who belong to "vulnerable groups" in relation to the coronavirus, in accordance with the   Press release issued by the Ministry of Health, dated 16 March 2020. 

Those who have travelled for medical reasons, instead of presenting the medical certificate, should hold a certificate from the local Diplomatic Missions of the Republic of Cyprus.

Those who are students and belong to the vulnerable groups should hold a special certificate which will be issued only after an evaluation of the prerequired medical certificates by a three-member Medical Council. Applications will be submitted to the e-mail address of the Pancyprian Medical Association at

If necessary, the Republic of Cyprus will charter special flights from Athens and London in order to facilitate the return of passengers, who fall under the above categories, to the Republic of Cyprus.

All those in the above categories entering the territory of the Republic of Cyprus will remain in quarantine for 14 days after their arrival, in areas designated by the State, except for persons who were abroad for medical reasons and fall under category 1 mentioned above. These persons will remain in self-isolation in order to continue, unhindered, their medical treatment.

It is understood that upon entering the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, they will undergo a mandatory examination for the COVID-19 disease, after which the provisions of the relevant medical protocol will be followed.

Furthermore, as from 31st March 2020 at 6 a.m.:

  1. Gatherings of people at any residence are prohibited, other than of permanent residents.
  2. Any movement of persons from 9.00 p.m. until 6.00 a.m. is prohibited, except for those holding a Confirmation of Movement of an Employee certificate (Form A).
  3. The use of the certificate of a citizen’s movement in exceptional cases, in accordance with the provisions of Form B, is limited to only once a day, after permission has been obtained by sending an SMS message to 8998. A written declaration for the movement of citizens in exceptional cases, which falls within the provisions of Form B, shall be used only by persons over 65 years of age.

The following retailers will remain closed every Sunday:

  1. All food and beverage retailers (e.g. supermarkets, grocery stores, butchers, fish markets, bakeries, confectioneries, fruit shops, liquor stores).

It is understood that kiosks are excluded from the ban, provided that they do not market retail products.

As from tomorrow Tuesday at 6 a.m. the operation of the following services is also suspended:

  1. Tourist and travel agencies.
  2. Aircraft provision services, with the exception of those relating to the service of flights which are exceptionally approved by the Minister of Transport, Communications and Works as well as cargo flights.
  3. The number of persons including the driver during taxi rides, in private cars and/or in other vehicles shall not exceed three persons.

Businesses must provide all necessary signs to ensure that there is a two metres distance between citizens both inside and outside the business (i.e. within the shops/businesses and in the queues outside the shops/businesses).

In addition, when approaching a public-accessible area, citizens should ensure that they keep a distance of 2 metres from other fellow citizens.

In addition to the decree and what I have just said, the following measures have been decided by the interministerial committee:

  1. Increase in the fine from 150 euros to 300 euros.
  2. Increase of controls at check points.
  3. Utilization of neighborhood watch officers.
  4. Recommendations will be made to commercial banks to issue credit cards to beneficiaries based on their deposits and ways of protecting customers who withdraw cash from automatic cash points.
  5. In order to limit the movement of those who have been identified as positive to the coronavirus and are in self-isolation, the Ministry of Health is studying ways to impose electronic home surveillance.

( MP/ DC)