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14-10-2020 16:58

Revised instructions for the mandatory use of facemask by the general population

With the aim of protecting the citizenry and Public Health from the COVID-19 disease, the use of a protective facemask by the general population aged 12 years and above is made compulsory in all indoor areas where more than one person are present, as well as:

  • In public transport
  • For workers at building sites and the construction sector in general. The persons employed in the construction sector are required to use facemasks when moving by car (the number of persons in the car may not exceed two)
  • Deliverers
  • Elevators

Exceptions include:

  • Houses,
  • Persons actively engaged in drinking and eating,
  • Persons travelling by personal vehicle,
  • Persons in the course of sport activity/physical exercise (e.g. gyms, dance schools, etc),
  • Cooks/chefs, only during the course of cooking,
  • Persons with special cognitive abilities/mental/growing disorders who do not comply with the application of a facemask,
  • Persons with a serious neurological/myoneural disorder, which does not allow them to handle a facemask,
  • Persons with gnathofacial variations/distortions or/and injuries.

The above regulation takes effect as of tomorrow, 15 October 2020, upon the issuance of the relevant Decree.

It should be recalled that non-compliance with the measures constitutes a violation of the Decree by the citizen and the fine of €300 shall be borne by the offending citizen himself and not by the business/establishment.

It should be noted that the maximum wholesale and retail selling price for facemasks is fixed by the Health Minister’s Decree dated 20 August 2020. Any violation of the particular Decree should be reported immediately by calling 1429 (Consumer Line) in order for the proper measures to be taken.

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