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06-10-2021 09:03

Reference to the Cyprus problem during UN press briefing

During yesterday’s (5.10.21) international press briefing at UN Headquarters, the OMEGA correspondent, Mr Michalis Ignatiou, asked the Spokesperson for the United Nations Secretary-General, Mr Stéphane Dujarric, to comment on a statement by the President of the Republic as follows:

Question (Ignatiou): Stéphane, I want to read you a statement by the President of Cyprus, and I want your comment please. He says “that the non-issuance of a statement by the United Nations after the informal meeting in New York as a result of the withdrawal of the Turkish Cypriot leader, is disturbing.” Mr Anastasiades emphasized that the decision was not a compromise but rather an obligation of António Guterres, to act within the terms of his mandate. Do you have an answer to this?

Dujarric: We continue to work with the leaders of the two communities in Cyprus to move the Cyprus issue forward in a positive direction. It has been a long-standing issue that the UN has been involved in, and he will continue to work in that direction, in very good faith, I will add.

Question (Ignatiou): But why he changed his decision for the special envoy to Cyprus. He said to the two leaders that he is going to send one. Why he changed his decision?

Dujarric: I’m not aware of change in decision since we never announced the decision in the first place”.