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12-02-2023 10:45

The President of the House of Representatives exercised her right to vote for the second round of the Presidential Elections

The President of the House of Representatives, Ms Annita Demetriou, exercised today her right to vote for the second round of the Presidential Elections, at the Primary School of the Municipality of Troulloi, in the district of Larnaka.

After exercising her right to vote, the House President told reporters, among other things, that «today, Cyprus decides on the eighth President of the Republic of Cyprus. It is a day of responsibility, it is a day of conscience. I call once again on the people to proceed to the polling stations because it is only with our vote, only with our participation that we can safeguard the future that we want for Cyprus and for our children. So, good success, good voting».

Replying to a question concerning the delay in her arrival at the polling station, Ms Demetriou explained that it had to do with a family matter. She added that «we too are anxious for the result and it goes without saying that we will be there to work together for the good of our country. This is what institutionally at least my capacity as President of the House of Representatives indicates as well, but I am certain that everybody will do what they have to. Above all is our Cyprus».

In response to another question, she said that «we have many challenges, small and big, that we must tackle collectively and in unity». She added that, the day after must find all people united because with unity and convergences, we can face every difficulty and thank God we have plenty of them».