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30-03-2023 16:08

Address by the Minister of Defence, Mr Michalis Giorgallas, at the signing ceremony of the State Partnership Programme (SPP) agreement between the Ministry of Defence of Cyprus and the New Jersey National Guard

This event today is the culmination of a process that began in 2020, when the Republic of Cyprus expressed its interest in joining the State Partnership Program of the Department of Defence of the USA.

I am delighted that my friends, the former Ministers of Defence who initiated the application process, Mr Savvas Angelidis and Mr Charalambos Petrides, are here with us today.

Their actions drove this existing result and I wish to thank them publicly.

Savvas and Charalambos, welcome. We thank you for your contribution.

Over the last two years, we have embarked on fulfilling our ambition to build close, robust, and mutually beneficial bilateral cooperation between the Republic of Cyprus and the United States of America.

Some of the recent highlights and milestone achievements include:

  •  the accessing of the International Military Education Programme for Cypriot officers,
  •  the signing of the Acquisition and Cross Services Agreement, and of course
  •  the lifting of the US arms embargo for both lethal and non-lethal materials.

In recent years, Cyprus had been implementing a dynamic defence policy.

We promote closer regional defence cooperation with the US, the EU member states, and our regional neighbors.

We are a reliable partner and a facilitator for regional cooperation for promoting peace, stability, and prosperity in the Eastern Mediterranean.

Cyprus – US relations have never been stronger.

We are always seeking new avenues for cooperation, in order to further strengthen this strategic partnership.

We are extremely excited about our accession to the State Partnership Programme and our pairing with New Jersey’s National Guard.

We are very proud that the Republic of Cyprus is just the 2nd SPP partner of the New Jersey National Guard.

We feel privileged that Cyprus is among the new additions to this highly esteemed and valued partnership program.

We consider it is an important project which adds value to the existing bilateral cooperation with the US.

Dear Partners from the National Guard of New Jersey,

As I said yesterday, you should consider Cyprus as your home away from home.

We are ready to start working closely with you in the areas that we have already identified for delivering on our promising and ambitious agenda on security and defence.

Our aim is to develop our military capabilities and expertise through the SPP Program.

We have identified specific fields such as hybrid warfare, communications and intelligence, cyber defence, cyber attack as well as climate change and defence.

We are aware that the New Jersey National Guard service members are leaders on the military and civilian fronts.

We are sure that our partners have significant experience, knowledge, and expertise, which they can inject into our own National Guard.

Finally, I wish everyone every success in this important joint endeavour and assure you that the Ministry of Defence of the Republic of Cyprus will continue working as I said, in fostering a close, robust, mutually beneficial bilateral defence and security cooperation with the United States of America.

Once again, dear partners from the National Guard of New Jersey welcome to Cyprus. Enjoy your time here. You are our guests.

Don’t forget that we have a promising and ambitious agenda to deliver.

Thank you for your kind attention.