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08-01-2024 10:41

Curriculum vitae of the new Minister of Defence, Mr Vasilis Palmas

Mr Vasilis Palmas was born in Lemesos in 1964. He studied Political Science and Public Administration. He worked as a manager at Pharmakas Quarries Group.

He served as a member of the Tenders Review Authority.

He was married to Angeliki Christodoulou and he has a son.

He served as President of the Youth of the Democratic Party (NEDHK) and then as General Secretary of the Democratic Party (DIKO). He served as Director of the Press Office of the President of the Republic and as Government Spokesman in the Government of Tassos Papadopoulos.

On May 8, 2017, he was appointed Deputy Minister to the President in the Government of Nicos Anastasiades, a position he held until February 2, 2022, when he resigned for personal reasons.