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18-09-2018 19:27

Written statement by the Government Spokesman, Mr Prodromos Prodromou, on the issue of a ten-year bond

The issue of a ten-year bond of the Republic of Cyprus of €1.5 billion at an interest rate of 2.4% was completed with great success on Tuesday September 18, 2018.

The great interest expressed on the ten-year bond of the Republic of Cyprus – notably as the issue was oversubscribed by almost four times – and the performance of our country, historically the most favorable, manifest the confidence of the international economic community on Cyprus’s economy, its prospects and the policies applied by the Government.

Following the return of Cyprus to an investment grade rating and Cyprus’s accession to the European Central Bank bond market, today's successful issue is a vivid example of Cyprus’s new prospects.

This prospect was achieved by the common efforts put into by all, and establishes conditions that will allow our society and the people in total to benefit.