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08-01-2024 10:17

Statements by the Government Spokesman on the government reshuffle

The government spokesman, Mr Konstantinos Letymbiotis, made the following statement to journalists this morning at the Presidential Palace.

“The President of the Republic, Mr Nicos Christodoulides, exercising the powers granted to him by the Constitution, has decided to make the following changes in the composition of the members of the Government:

  • Mr Vasilis Palmas is appointed Minister of Defence;
  • Ms Maria Panayiotou is appointed Minister of Agriculture, Rural Development and the Environment;  
  • Mr Marios Hartsiotis is appointed Minister of Justice and Public Order;
  • Mr Michael Damiamos is appointed Minister of Health;
  • Mr Nicodemos Damianou is appointed Deputy Minister of Research, Innovation and Digital Policy;
  • Ms Marilena Raouna is appointed Deputy Minister of European Affairs;
  • Mr Panayiotis Palates is appointed Commissioner for the Citizen;
  • Mr Charalambos Christofinas is appointed Commissioner for the Development of Mountain Communities;
  • Ms Antonia Theodosiou is appointed Commissioner for the Environment.

The swearing-in as well as the handover-takeover ceremony of the new ministers and government officials will take place and will be effective from Wednesday, 10th January 2024.

The President of the Republic wishes to warmly thank the outgoing Ministers for their remarkable work and for the excellent cooperation between them.”