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28-02-2024 15:07

Inception of the project “Strengthening capacities and improving the overall performance of Home Affairs Funds in Cyprus”

Today marks the official launch of the EU project “Building Capacity and Improving the Overall Performance of the Home Affairs Funds in Cyprus”, with the kick-off meeting taking place at the premises of the Press and Information Office.

The project is funded by the European Commission/Directorate-General for Structural Reform Support (DG REFORM) through the Technical Support Instrument (Technical Support Instrument - TSI) for 2023. The project is implemented by EY Cyprus Advisory Services Limited. The overall objective of the project is the effective utilisation and absorption of the Home Affairs Funds consisting of the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund (AMIF), the Border Management and Visa Instrument (BMVI) and the Internal Security Fund (ISF).

The project is part of the strategy promoted by the Ministry of Interior to strengthen the capacity of the European Funds Unit (EFU), as the Managing Authority of the European Home Affairs Funds in Cyprus. The expected outcome of the project is the streamlining of procedures and the optimisation of the operation of the Managing Authority and the Management and Control System –always in accordance with the regulatory framework-, with the ultimate objective of the effective management of the available funding. In the context of the project, an action plan will be developed and implemented, which will include, inter alia, the capacity building of both the Managing Authority and other governmental stakeholders.

The Ministry of Interior, together with the European Commission – DG REFORM, are leading this effort. It is noted that the project involves selected government services, departments, units, etc., which have been identified as relevant stakeholders. Stakeholders’ cooperation will be beneficial to all parties involved, as this project will contribute to the efficient and transparent allocation, absorption and monitoring of the funds.

The project aspires to be an important reference point for other EU member states, which face similar challenges in the areas of immigration, border management and the management of dedicated funds.

The kick-off meeting was attended by representatives of the European Commission, the Ministry of the Interior, the European Funds Unit, and representatives of relevant governmental stakeholders. From the contractor’s side, the meeting was attended by members of the project implementation team as well as senior executives of EY Cyprus, EY Greece, and EY Italy.