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09-06-2024 18:03

Elections 2024 – Statement by the Chief Returning Officer, Dr Elikkos A. Elia, on the completion of the electoral process and the possible announcement of the exit polls

Voting has been completed in all polling stations, both in the Republic of Cyprus and abroad.

Therefore, exit polls may be announced for forecasting the final electoral result.

Following the closing of the ballot boxes, the final stage of the electoral process has begun, with the sorting and counting of the votes at the polling stations under the supervision of the presiding officers. Exceptions include the special ballot box at Cyprus Prisons, the content of which has been transferred to be set off against other ballot boxes in various districts, as well as a small number of ballot boxes for the occupied areas, which will be transferred to the single sorting centre operating at the Ministry of Finance, in Lefkosia.

We are expecting to receive the initial results from the small polling stations soon.

According to the Act concerning the election of the Members of the European Parliament, “Member States may not officially make public the results of their count until after the close of polling in all Member States”. Therefore, given the fact that voting in Italy takes place until 12 midnight, Cyprus time, the results for the European Parliament Elections will begin to be announced thereafter.

For the other elections, there will be live streaming of the results on TV and the Internet.

We will shortly announce the final voter turnout.

For the Chief Returning Officer's statement in Turkish, click here.