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11-03-2024 08:41

Elections 2024 – European and Local Government Elections 2024

 On Sunday, 9 June 2024, elections will be held in the Republic for the members of European Parliament and Local Authorities. On the same day, a total number of eight different elections shall take place to elect Members of the European Parliament, elected at national level (across Cyprus), Presidents of the District Organisations of Local Government, elected at District level, Mayors, elected at Municipality level, Deputy Mayors, elected at the level of Municipal District, Municipal Councillors, elected at the level of Municipal District, Members of the School Boards, elected at Municipality level, Community Leaders, elected at Community level and Members of the Community Councils, elected at Community level.

In addition to Cypriots, citizens of the other EU member states residing in the Republic have the right to vote and/or to be elected in those elections, provided they have reached the age of 18 and are registered on the special electoral rolls for the European Parliament elections and Local Authorities elections.

Citizens of other EU member states to be able to exercise this right must complete until April 2, 2024 a seprate registration form for each electoral roll, which may be obtained at the nearest District Administration Office, Citizen Service Centre or it may be downloaded from the Elections’ Website at The forms must be returned, duly completed to the nearest District Administration Office or Citizen Service Centre.

For more information on the rights of European citizens residing in Cyprus, you can visit the Elections’ Website and the Single Digital Gateway of the Ministry of the Interior.