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09-06-2024 10:44

Elections 2024 – The President of the Republic of Cyprus exercises his right to vote

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, arrived today at the Geroskipou Primary School A’, accompanied by the First Lady of the Republic of Cyprus, Mrs Philippa Karsera-Christodoulides, where he exercised his right to vote for the Election of Members of the European Parliament, for Local Government and for Members of the School Boards.

Thereafter, in responding to a remark by a journalist that it did not take long for him to vote, the President of the Republic of Cyprus stated, “I was informed and knew which candidates I wished to vote for.”

Asked whether he voted for all positions, the President stated, “I voted for all positions. I had a particular point of view regarding the candidacies.”

The President also added, “I would like to urge the Cypriot people to participate en masse in the elections, in this double electoral process. These elections are extremely significant, the results of which will determine, to a great extent, matters relating to our daily lives – I am referring to the Local Government Elections, which are being held for the first time since the reform – as well as the people who will represent Cyprus in the European Parliament.

You are well aware that Europe is a place of crucial importance for us. We also want to have a strong voice and role in the European Parliament in all the matters discussed, in all the decision-making, and in everything that directly affects our country. Therefore, I hope there will be a participation en masse, especially from our young people. It is a celebration of democracy. The outcome will be respected and as of tomorrow, a new day begins.”

In response to a journalist’s remark that a number of people claim that the new Local Government system, in the way it has been restructed may not work, the President of the Republic of Cyprus replied, “Before us, we have a reform ratified by the House of Representatives. Those who claim that there are challenges and that problems may arise are absolutely right. We are prepared to face any potential challenges and, if needed, we will make adjustments.” 

“The message today is that Local Government, with its considerably greater remit, has a crucial role to play. Therefore, it affects each and every one of us, and it is in this framwork that we need to participate en masse in this electoral process,” he concluded.


For the President of the Republic of Cyprus' statement in Turkish, click here.