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09-06-2024 22:28

Statement by the President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, on the Elections for Members of the European Parliament and for Local Government

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, addressed the media as regards to the Elections for Members of the European Parliament and for Local Government, at the Presidential Palace.

In his opening statement, President Christodoulides stated the following:

“I would like to express my satisfaction for the smooth conduct of the elections and to express the State’s gratitude to everyone who contributed to the impeccable organisation and conduct of this highly challenging electoral process.

The people have spoken and their decision is sovereign.

Every election is a tribute to democracy. I would like to congratulate all candidates as well as the political parties for their ethical and respectable campaigns, regardless of the outcome.

I would like to congratulate the candidates who have secured a mandate from the electorate, either for the European Parliament or for the Local Government, and I would like to assure them that the Government as well as myself will support their efforts, their initiatives and every action aimed at improving people’s daily lives as well as strengthening and further reinforcing our country.

The six Cypriot MEPs are called upon to strive for a stronger, more efficient, more competitive and more strategically autonomous Europe. A Europe which supports our endeavours to end the occupation and reunify our country. 

I am certain that they will strive to ensure that the Republic of Cyprus is a constructive partner in the European Parliement, with a strong voice and role in all matters of importance to European citizens.

I would also like to wish the elected Local Government all the best, along with the promise that I hold them as valuable partners in the notable endeavour we are undertaking to recostruct the Local Government. The first Presidents of the District Organisations of Local Government, the new Mayors and Deputy Mayors, the Municipal Councillors, the Members of Community Councils, the Community Leaders as well as the Members of the School Boards will be privileged to serve the people under the new model of Local Government. We strongly support the tremendous reform of the Local Government, effective July 1st. We will face challenges posed by the reform with collective effort and cooperation.

The elections are over. The government will cooperate with all the political parties and the elected Local Government.

The Government and myself will do whatever is necessary in order to ensure that there is unity within the Local Government, always taking into account peoples’ interests, with responsibility and the firm belief that the days to come will be better for our country.”