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17-06-2024 19:25

Statements by the President of the Republic of Cyprus at the Informal Meeting of the European Council

The President of the Republic of Cyprus, Mr Nikos Christodoulides, today, upon arrival at the Informal Meeting of the European Council, expressed his support to the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Parliament, adding that he will voice this stance during discussions.

In his statements to journalists soon after his arrival at the Informal Meeting of the European Council, held today, 17 June 2024, in Brussels, President Christodoulides stated the following: “The outcome of the elections was clear. I hope that we will reach a preliminary agreement tonight –after all, there can be no formal agreement– so that we can make final decisions next week, so that this process will be completed in July. This is a key objective on our part and I am pleased that other member states recognise the need for an agreement, as soon as possible, within July.

We have many challenges ahead. We have issues that we need to work on. There is migration, the crisis in Ukraine, everything that is happening in the Middle East, elections in the United States, elections in Great Britain. Therefore, it is understood that an agreement must be reached as soon as possible.

Beyond that, I repeat, the outcome of the elections is clear. Our support for the President of the European Commission and the President of the European Parliament has been expressed. This is also the position I will be expressing during the discussions. They are two successful Presidents, whom we believe should be supported. Furthermore, I have received a number of calls from interested parties for the other positions. We will see how the discussion develops and, I repeat, the most important thing is that we reach an agreement as soon as possible.”

Asked about his opinion on what is taking place in France, and whether the result of the French elections might affect the stability in Europe, President Christodoulides stated: "France is one of the most important pillars in the European Union. I do not wish to comment on the internal state of the country, but if I can convey a message as a leader of an EU member state, it is that we need a country, a government, which will be close to the European Union, and I am certain that you can understand the importance of France.”