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26-05-2019 18:07

2019 European Parliament Elections: Statement by the Chief Returning Officer, Mr Kypros Kyprianou - Voting process has ended at all polling stations

At the moment the polls have closed and the voting process has ended at all polling stations, both in the Republic and abroad, and the sorting and counting of votes has begun under the supervision of the presiding officers. The counting and sorting will take place at the polling stations, with the exception of the special ballot box in the Prison, the votes of which will be offsetting to the votes of the ballot box in Nicosia Town Hall.

In a little while, we expect to have the first results, which as you already know, we may only publicize when the polls in all member states will have closed, that is, midnight.

I want to clarify that, in accordance with the Act on the Election of Members of the European Parliament, "Member States may not officially announce the result of their voting until the end of voting in all the Member States".

In this case, it is Italy, where the voting takes place until 11:00 p.m., local time, i.e. at 12 midnight, Cyprus time.

In a short while, I shall announce the percentage of the total of the registered electors that have voted, and my next statement, which shall be regarding the result of the voting, shall be at midnight, from the Filoxenia Conference Centre.