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18-06-2020 08:53

Takeover of the water supply of Aradippou Municipality by the Water Board of Larnaka

Following the relevant decision of the Council of Ministers and the agreement reached between the Water Board of Larnaka (WBL) and the Municipality of Aradippou, from the 22nd of June 2020, water supply services to the Municipality will be offered by the WBL.

To ensure a smooth transition, the WBL will send with the first Water Bill, important information regarding the transfer and the customer service procedures followed by the WBL. The first invoice is expected to post by mid-July.

In the meantime, the Customer Service Department of the WBL will be at consumers disposal for any assistance they may require (tel. 24200541/542/543/544/546). Offices will be open, Monday through Friday between 7:45am and 2:00pm.

Further on, customers can submit any questions in writing at And they can also visit WBL website for detailed information about the WBL.

For Technical Assistance outside normal working hours regarding water supply issues or reporting of leaks, please call 24200555/24200500.

Hence, the WBL welcomes Aradippou citizens to the large family of Larnaka’s consumers and assures that the Board’s services should be provided to them in the most efficient way, meeting their needs with quality water at the lowest possible prices.