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23-08-2020 21:33

The Ministry of Interior regarding the Al Jazeera report on the Cyprus Investment Program

Regarding today's reports in international media which suggest that the Republic of Cyprus proceeded to the naturalization of persons who did not meet the criteria of the Cyprus Investment Program, we wish to clarify that all the individuals mentioned, especially in the Al Jazeera report, were evaluated according to the criteria that were in force at the given time and which they met.

In addition, the consent of all relevant services both in Cyprus and internationally had been secured with regards to these individuals.

It is well known that the Republic of Cyprus has made successive changes to improve the Cyprus Investment Program, following the recent vote, of Regulations by the House of Representatives. The most important change is that the regulations ensure transparency, credibility and continuous control, both before submitting an application and after obtaining a Cyprus passport.

Within this framework and the additional possibilities provided by the Regulations, we are already checking and will continue to check all the information that has been made public.