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26-01-2018 11:07

Ministry of Foreign Affairs statement on International Holocaust Remembrance Day

The 27th of January marks the International Holocaust Remembrance Day and humanity commemorates one of the darkest pages in world history.

On this solemn day, Cyprus pays homage to the memory of the six million Jews who fell victim to Nazi barbarism, the like of which humanity has never experienced. We also express our solidarity towards the survivors of the Holocaust and celebrate the acts of courage of those valiant and selfless people who decided to take a stance against evil, with all the dire consequences this entailed.

It is incumbent upon the international community and upon the next generations to ensure that the atrocities of the past are not forgotten, so as to prevent such heinous and indescribable crimes from reoccurring.

The Republic of Cyprus condemns unequivocally and without reservation all manifestations of anti-Semitism, as well as of religious intolerance, xenophobia, incitement and violence against individuals and communities based on ethnic origin or religious belief, wherever they occur.

Regretfully we are witnessing a rise of anti-Semitism related actions and speech in Europe and elsewhere that sow seeds of hate. Against this most worrisome development, each and every one of us must assess and weigh carefully the potential impact of our words and actions and how these could be misconstrued as paying lip service to those who seek to undermine or dilute our united voice in remembering the horrors of the Holocaust and condemning any form of anti-Semitism today. This is our outermost duty and our collective responsibility for the generations to come.