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15-05-2019 12:24

Completion of the Firefighting Games «The flame of life is the only flame we keep alight»

The firefighters from Cyprus, Greece, Israel and the British Bases, who took part in the Firefighting Games on the 12th of May 2019, at the Port of Pafos, impressed the public with their skills and professionalism. During the games, the teams of firefighters competed in events which are relevant to their work and gave strong messages of sensitivity and efficiency through international co-operation. CNP ASFALISTIKI and the Cyprus Fire Service awarded the winning team and honoured all the firefighters’ teams for their participation.

Those who attended the games experienced a powerful experience and were informed on Fire Safety prevention and protection issues. Children had the opportunity to take part in firefighting events and enjoyed activities specially designed for them.

The response of the public to the event gave additional strength to the collective effort undertaken. The provision of information and the raising of awareness of the public constitute a shield of protection for effectively handling the risks involved, such as fires.