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06-04-2020 18:43

The Foreign Ministry calls on those wishing to repatriate to express interest through the connect2cy platform

For the purposes of facilitating the planning and organisation of the ongoing gradual repatriation of citizens of the Republic of Cyprus who are currently overseas and do not fall within the categories exempted by the Decrees in force, all those wishing to repatriate are invited to express their interest through the connect2cy platform (

It is clarified that any decisions concerning repatriation will be made taking into consideration the situation as it evolves and the required opinion of the scientific advisors of the government.

In addition, it is understood that all those entering the territory of the Republic of Cyprus will remain for a period of 14 days from their arrival in mandatory isolation (quarantine) at premises indicated by the State, except persons who had traveled abroad for medical reasons. These individuals will remain in self-isolation in order to continue their treatment unhindered.

It is also understood that all the above persons, upon entering the territory of the Republic of Cyprus, will be subject to testing for COVID-19,  after which all steps provided for in the relevant medical protocol will be followed.